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Simple ways to reduce gluten intake..

Simple ways to reduce wheat/ gluten intake on a day-to-day basis

It can seem like such a difficult task at the beginning, but soon it becomes natural – here are a few basic tips and some of my favourite replacements*



Instead of normal pasta try rice/ corn pasta. My favourite brands are ‘Rizopia’ (a bit more expensive) and the consistency of ‘Doves’ has improved enormously over the years.


Instead of pasta try to have some grains, such as rice, millet, quinoa. They are often more nutrient dense and add a bit of variety to ones’ diet.



Instead of plain wheat flour bread try sourdough rye – this still contains gluten but rye has naturally less gluten and the gluten is ‘predigested’ due to the sourdough fermentation.

Some gluten free alternatives:


AOB has loafs and glutinis, which are great to take with you as sandwiches. The linseed bread is particularly good and high in anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s.


‘Biona Millet’ bread is also a good alternative, also nice toasted.


You can also get some gluten free breads from the supermarkets, though I have found that they can be a bit difficult to digest for some patients, so I advise saving them for special occasions.


Wrap it up…

Get some rice spring roll wrappers and soak them briefly in water and use them instead of a bread wrap. This is such a quick and simple solution, it can be filled with virtually anything and will taste good – use leftovers from the night before, salad, vegetables, tofu etc..


Need a quick snack as an afternoon pick-me-up?

‘Nairns’ gluten free Oat biscuits are a good alternative; add a bit of honey and Tahini for that sweet craving, or some hummus and a slice of cucumber for ‘Tea time’.


*Please note - product recommendations are based on my personal preference, I am not paid to endorse these products.