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Courses and Seminars for Therapists

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Morning: 9.30 -13.00 


Topical applications: 


Correct use of Hot and Cold 

Common herbs to use,  indications and contraindication 

Different types of applications: Compresses, Poultices, Plasters and packs – differences, different uses, indications and contraindications - supported with case studies from my practice.




Lecture and interactive, followed by practical part where participants practice on each other 



Benefits and mechanism 

Different types of hydrotherapy - affusions, wraps, showers, topical applications, neti pots

Clinical applications for cold wraps- constitutional strengthening, fever management


Lecture followed by practical part- cold wraps


Lunch: 13.00 -14.00



Afternoon: 14.00 – 17.00/17.30 


Herbal baths:

Full and sitzbaths and herbal and other additives (Magnesium salts, Sodium bicarbonate)

Lecture and getting to know the herbs and other additives


Colonic hydrotherapy:

Procedure overview - How to perform is safely 

Indications & Contraindications

Herbs and other additives to use


At the end of the afternoon:

Case studies where participants choose the appropriate clinical applications and at the end sharing of experiences and discussion of chosen treatments.


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Future workshops..

Date and location to be confirmed.. 
Advanced abdominal palpation skills and topical applications for the prescribing therapist - Add value to your practice by incorporating hand-on techniques and increase your diagnostic skills


Part 1


In this 1 day introductory workshop, Susanne Kaiser teaches detailed abdominal palpation to help the therapist to identify abdominal issues that go beyond basic clinical palpation skills. Develop sensitivities and understanding of the location of the organs, fluid relationships, differentiating between visceral and organ problems, and learn about ileo caecal valve dysfunction and its significance in inflammatory bowel conditions, constipation etc. 



The skillsets learned in this course will allow the practitioner to diagnose these sub-clinical manifestations of gut dysfunction, which help to refine prescription and treatment protocols. Simple topical applications for main findings will also be discussed and demonstrated.


This course is suitable for: Practicing Therapists, especially the prescribing therapist with little hands-on experience in their day-to day practice, such as herbalists & nutritionists, but also suitable for naturopaths and bodyworkers who wish to enhance their knowledge of digestive anatomy and the physical manifestations of common digestive problems.



Part 2

1 Day advanced workshop. Following on from the introductory course, we develop further deeper palpation skills for the digestive system, integrating the major externally palpable structures of the reproductive system. Simple and safe manipulative treatment techniques for minor digestive functions will be taught and further topical applications, such as compresses, poultices discussed and experienced. 



Background info: Susanne Kaiser has been practicing Herbal Medicine and Bodywork for more than 12 years. She has extensive experience in working with the abdomen and has been influenced by many different modalities of treatment over the years. She has trained in numerous abdominal bodywork therapies, including the Arvigo Techniques, Love your guts, Therapeutic Massage & Visceral manipulation. Susanne has spent several days in Kings disection labs, working with prosections, to give her a better understanding of the internal structures of the abdomen and pelvis. She teaches clinical skills and herbal medicine at Westminster University in London and runs her own training courses in Austria.


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