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"You and your glorious gut"


"You and your Glorious Gut" retreat


As Hippocrates, the father of medicine, stated as early as 400 BC 


“The root of all disease stems from the gut”. 


Where: Domaine Chateau Le Bedat, Saint Aubin de Branne (near Bordeaux), France 


When: arrivals 3 pm on Friday the 12th July - 12 noon on Wednesday 17th July 2024



Susi Kaiser, a medical herbalist and functional medicine practitioner, and Amanda Porter, an Abdominal Massage specialist and founder member of the Abdominal Therapy Collective, are both passionate abdominal health practitioners and educators. Together they have a combined 40-years of experience in the “gut world”, which has fostered a desire to help people build a loving relationship with their bellies and digestion. 


Susi and Amanda invite you to join them on a journey into the miraculous world of your Glorious Gut. 


As more and more connections are revealed showing how important good gut function is for a healthy mind and body, the scientific community is coming together to support the view that gut health is an absolutely key factor in overall health and well-being. 


Your friendly bacteria, aka the microbiome, plays a vital role in determining whether or not you develop certain diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, autoimmune conditions, depression, hormonal imbalances, and dementia to name but a few. Feeding your friendly bacteria is as important as feeding yourself.


The gut is also the centre of our emotions and how we feel really does impact on how we digest and vice versa. 


Prevention is always best, this retreat is aimed to give you an in-depth understanding of the workings of your gut, digestion, and the general overview of your unique anatomy, and yes we see you, Vagus Nerve! 


During this healthy and nourishing retreat, you will learn new tools to help you optimise your microbiome and your gut function. The focus will be all about working with the body, rather than against it.


For more info please see event and accommodation leaflets below and feel free to contact me


To secure your place please visit Eventbrite - spaces are limited.

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Modern Herbal Medicine Course- in Austria/ taught in German

Invitation for the info evening for the Herbal medicine course - Kräutermedizin und Ganzheitsgesundheit


17th June 17.30 GMT- online


The actual course takes place in Austria and online. 


Course info:

Pre Zoom Webinars 4 x 3 hours (start 18.09.2024)
In person (4 days) 17. bis 20. Oktober 2024
Post Zoom webinars 4 x 3 hours 


For more info visit kräuterkraftwerk  or contact me 

Future workshops..

Date and location to be confirmed.. 
Advanced abdominal palpation skills and topical applications for the prescribing therapist - Add value to your practice by incorporating hand-on techniques and increase your diagnostic skills


Part 1


In this 1 day introductory workshop, Susanne Kaiser teaches detailed abdominal palpation to help the therapist to identify abdominal issues that go beyond basic clinical palpation skills. Develop sensitivities and understanding of the location of the organs, fluid relationships, differentiating between visceral and organ problems, and learn about ileo caecal valve dysfunction and its significance in inflammatory bowel conditions, constipation etc. 



The skillsets learned in this course will allow the practitioner to diagnose these sub-clinical manifestations of gut dysfunction, which help to refine prescription and treatment protocols. Simple topical applications for main findings will also be discussed and demonstrated.


This course is suitable for: Practicing Therapists, especially the prescribing therapist with little hands-on experience in their day-to day practice, such as herbalists & nutritionists, but also suitable for naturopaths and bodyworkers who wish to enhance their knowledge of digestive anatomy and the physical manifestations of common digestive problems.



Part 2

1 Day advanced workshop. Following on from the introductory course, we develop further deeper palpation skills for the digestive system, integrating the major externally palpable structures of the reproductive system. Simple and safe manipulative treatment techniques for minor digestive functions will be taught and further topical applications, such as compresses, poultices discussed and experienced. 



Background info: Susanne Kaiser has been practicing Herbal Medicine and Bodywork for more than 12 years. She has extensive experience in working with the abdomen and has been influenced by many different modalities of treatment over the years. She has trained in numerous abdominal bodywork therapies, including the Arvigo Techniques, Love your guts, Therapeutic Massage & Visceral manipulation. Susanne has spent several days in Kings disection labs, working with prosections, to give her a better understanding of the internal structures of the abdomen and pelvis. She teaches clinical skills and herbal medicine at Westminster University in London and runs her own training courses in Austria.


 For updates on courses please sign up to the newsletter or contact Susanne


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