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Painfree is the norm

"It is normal to have period pain" is what my friend's daughter was taught at school the other day. She is 11 years old. So something to look forward to then once she hits puberty.


Many women will remember these messages from when they were growing up as this statement is heard all too often and even taught to children as part of their health education programmes at school. But is it? 


The simple answer is NO! It is not normal to have period pain! 


There are numerous causes that can contribute to pain such as excessive inflammation, structural problems, position of the pelvic organs, nutritional deficiencies, underlying conditions, hormonal imbalances, psychoneurological issues and the list goes on. 


Its important to address these issues and the sooner the better. I often have patients come to my practice who have suffered from period pain for 10, 20, 30 years and their menstruation was like a monthly curse. When seeking support they are too often told that this is normal and just to take painkillers or the pill and accept that this is part of a woman's experience.


This is not the way it should or need to be. As someone who suffered from painful periods herself in the past and who has worked with 100s of women to relieve pain, I know that its possible to alleviate and eradicate period pain. Never to give up and don't let anyone tell you that nothing can be done. It currently still takes women on average up to 15 years to get a diagnosis for some conditions such as Adenomyosis.


There are many ways and tools that can help and investigations and tests to ask for. Period pain provides an opportunity to understand the needs of the body on a much deeper level. This will have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing that extends beyond painfree periods. 


Pain is a messenger, lets understand what it is trying to tell us!


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