Herbs of the season - Elderberries, Sage and Thyme

To protect yourself against viral and bacterial infections integrate some herbal remedies into your daily routine. 


Sage and Thyme

Make herbal vinegar by covering, preferably, fresh herbs with apple cider vinegar and leave to stand in a cool, dark place for a week. Ideally shake daily. Use this for cooking and in salad dressings, or dilute a teaspoon in a little water to have before meals - this has traditionally been used to aid digestion and is also antibacterial. 


Add more fresh herbs to everyday cooking, this will also reduce the need for excess salt in food.


Thyme, Sage and Rosemary are also welcome, refreshing additives to a warm bath; get a handful of dried herbs, wrap in some muslin and drop in the bath - invigorating, refreshing, antiseptic and good for the upper respiratory tract. 


Elderberry tea - use 1 teaspoons of dried elderberries with a slice of ginger for each cup of boiling water, infuse for 5 minutes, then strain. Drink  2-3 x dailly, this not only tastes nice, but it also known keep viruses away.


Caution: Elderberries should not be consumed raw! 



More natural immune boosting activities to be found in mushrooms